Sightseeing & Tourist Attractions 

5,000+ sightseeing tours, shows, museums, galleries and activities... 

Sightseeing & Tourist Attractions

A world of pre-bookable sightseeing options for your customers..

You’ve booked hotels, flights and local transfers but what are your clients going to do when they get there?

Thanks to GTA's sightseeing content, you can expand your role as a travel expert by opening up a world of pre-bookable opportunities to your customers - and earn commissions for doing so.

GTA has a world of tourism content, with over 14,000 services available to be booked online, often available in multiple languages.

Whether it’s a cruise on Sydney Harbour, fun on Fuji, a windmill and cheese tour in Holland or a night of flamenco in Spain, GTA has an option that is bound to tickle the traveller’s taste buds.

Why choose GTA Sightseeing…

•  Searching and booking is easy!
•  Search and filter results by desired type & category, including; language, ‘Top Picks’, price and name.
•  Refine results to display the sightseeing types your client is interested in or you can up-sell directly from your Hotel Booking Basket.
•  Tailor-make tours with private guides and transfers, selecting pick-up and drop-off points of the tour.

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Sightseeing & Tourist Attractions - a few key points...

•  With over 5,000 sightseeing tours bookable online in over 450 cities around the world, there truly is something for everyone.

•  The search results page displays language options.

•  Streamline the booking process for you and your clients by refining the search results to display the sightseeing products that are of interest to your clients.

•  The search results provide detailed descriptions of all the tours, just click on the ‘Find out more’ or ‘Detailed Information’ links.

•  Save your clients’ time and avoid long queues for tickets at major tourist sites by building a complete itinerary before they leave. If sightseeing isn’t for them, cross-selling tailor-made tours couldn’t be easier by simply clicking the links from the search results page.

•  Sightseeing content enhances your offering as a knowledgeable travel expert, adding value to the travel selection and booking process.