Culture & diversity 


A progressive employer

Helping employees maximise their potential

Our managers and employees base their decisions on the solid foundations laid by the Kuoni Code of Conduct. Our internal guidelines for transfers, performance management and recognition serve as a framework to ensure equal opportunities for all.

We truly embrace and enjoy cultural diversity. As a global business we build relationships with people across national and cultural borders, whether they be with our clients and suppliers or with our fellow colleagues.

Great communication plays a key part in this and we have a passion for ensuring our employees know key information at all times.

We believe that only well-informed employees are able to fully exploit their potential to the benefit of business. Our employees should be informed as much as possible about our business strategy and performance and the developments that affect them.

Social Responsibility is also important to us. The diversity of cultures and the integrity of the environment form the basis of the travel business and we must take responsibility for far-sighted and sustainable tourism development.

Such responsibility includes the highest standard of employee education, influencing our business partners, as well as supporting and starting initiatives and projects.