Developing you 


Learning and Development

Helping you reach the peak of your abilities

From day 1 with Kuoni Global Travel Services the learning journey begins and whilst our teams are with us we hope their journey never ends.

We have global tailored training, whether in classrooms or online, that ensures our teams can use our bespoke systems as well as understand and follow our business processes with confidence after only a short amount of time.

We also offer an extensive range of personal and leadership development programmes to help enable clear and transparent career progression both within Kuoni Global Travel Services and the wider Kuoni Group.

In all our regions we offer classroom based learning where our people can interact and learn with colleagues, experiencing working with new skills and behaviours in a safe environment.

At Kuoni Global Travel Services learning doesn't just happen in classrooms. We actively encourage our teams to develop themselves and we provide free, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access to literally hundreds of online learning materials and resources covering many, many disciplines and topics. 

Being part of the Kuoni Group also provides access to all sorts of other learning opportunities as together we strive to develop the competencies that are important to us - Leadership, Business Development, Passion and Performance.

Performance Management plays a key part in our learning and development programme and everyone receives ongoing and formal feedback during our Performance Review process, making sure people receive the direction, coaching and support they need whilst being recognised for their hard work and commitment.