Interview process 


You have been short-listed

Helping you get make the best impression

Congratulations on being short-listed for interview. We receive thousands of applications each year and to get to interview stage is already a great achievement.

There are a variety of different interview processes used at Kuoni Global Travel Services. In advance you should have received an email or spoken with a member of our team who will have explained what type of interview you can expect.

Here are the most common:

Competency based interview

This type of interview is used to explore the level of your ability and the behaviour you demonstrate related to the responsibilities set out in the job description.

To find out how you performed previously you will be asked questions designed to examine examples of what you did in a particular situation and how you went about it. For example, you might plan responses by thinking about: the situation or circumstances, the task assigned, what action you took and the result.

Competency based interview and role related exercise

For some positions you may be expected to complete a role related exercise that will further demonstrate your abilities. 

For instance, this might be an assessment of your computer programming and data entry skills or writing ability. Details of what to expect will be given in advance of your interview.

Second and third stage interviews

Depending on the role you may be asked to come in for a second or third interview. This might be to meet your prospective manager's direct report or a business stakeholder.

Assessment Centres

These are often used when we have more that one of the same role to fill. Typically you will be with us a half or full day depending on the role and you will complete a series of exercises (including an interview) that demonstrate your abilities.

In most cases there we be a number of other interviewees that are invited to attend the Assessment Centres at the same time. If you are invited to be part of an assessment centre details of what to expect will be given in advance. 

Please remember that you are not in direct competition with the other candidates.

Psychometric reports

For many of our senior manager positions you will be asked to complete a psychometric report. This will be sent to you in advance of an interview. Please note: we never make a decision based on the report findings, instead using it to structure appropriate interview questions.

Feedback will be given in all circumstances, either face to face, over the phone or by email.