30 January 2014

Chinese head to Europe for annual Spring Festival 

225 million Chinese tourists are expected to travel during the annual Spring Festival which follows the New Year celebrations from 31 January. As they increasingly opt for international destinations, Europe remains a popular choice as Kuoni Group Travel Experts says that Italy, France and Switzerland are leading Spring Festival destinations for group travel. Furthermore, GTA puts Germany, Italy and France in the top five destinations for fully independent travellers (FIT).

As people around the world celebrate Chinese New Year, the travel industry is getting ready for the Spring Festival – the country’s most important holiday.

China’s Tourism Academy predicts that tourists during Spring Festival this year will number up to 225 million. And, as the Chinese increasingly opt for international destinations, it reveals that the number of domestic travellers dropped by 2.5% last year. Kuoni Global Travel Services helps many Chinese enjoy the world’s destinations whether they are travelling independently or as part of a larger group.

Rolf Schafroth, CEO of Kuoni Global Travel Services, says: “Our brands Kuoni Group Travel Experts and GTA provide businesses selling group and fully independent travel with accommodation and services. Both have seen outbound travel from China increase steadily year on year. More and more Chinese want to explore destinations beyond Asia and rely on our expertise to make their trips memorable.”

Thousands of Chinese travel in groups and Kuoni Group Travel Experts are helping them explore Europe for Spring Festival this year. Italy is their top destination, followed closely by France. Switzerland, Spain and Germany complete the top five most popular destinations for China’s group travellers this year.

GTA, the brand serving fully independent travel (FIT) businesses, reports that Hong Kong is the number one choice for Chinese tourists heading abroad for Spring Festival this year with Thailand a close second. However, the top five is completed by European destinations: Germany, Italy and France.

According to China’s Tourism Academy, among city dwellers who bought vacation packages for the Chinese New Year – although most are travelling within the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan – 40% are travelling abroad.