15 April 2014

Spring Ka-ching! Agents book with Travel Bound for up to $250 reward 

Travel Bound launches new spring incentive for American and Canadian travel agents. The ‘Spring Ka-ching!’ initiative rewards fully independent travel (FIT) bookings of 3 or more people with between $50 and $250. Both Americans and Canadians are making Italy, the United States, France, the United Kingdom and Spain their top five most popular destinations so far this year.

American and Canadian travel agents making bookings with Travel Bound this spring will reap rewards thanks to its latest promotion. The new ‘Spring Ka-ching!’ initiative rewards fully independent travel (FIT) bookings with Rewards cards worth $50–$250. To participate, agents must register online by 15 June 2014 at:

The ‘Spring Ka-ching’ promotion applies to any booking made and fully paid with Travel Bound between 15 April and 15 June 2014 with travel completed by 31 August 2014. To qualify, each booking must total $2,000 or more: three bookings will be rewarded with $50, five bookings with $100 and ten with $250.

Travel Bound’s spring and summer bookings are already looking healthy this year. Both Americans and Canadians are making Italy, the United States, France, the United Kingdom and Spain their top five most popular destinations so far.

Elizabeth Crabill, President of Travel Bound, says: “This is a great chance, as Americans and Canadians start planning their holidays, for agents to benefit from booking with Travel Bound. As travellers look for different experiences at tried-and-true or up-and-coming destinations, our US-based expert advisors are being continually briefed on the latest news about attractions, experiences and locations by ‘in destination’ colleagues around the world.

“It means our online portfolio of tens of thousands of properties in more than 185 countries as well as thousands of options for sightseeing and experiences, is the easiest place for agents to plan clients’ travel.”

Looking back to 2013 and for Americans, the domestic destination remained the most popular option for agents booking with Travel Bound, followed by Italy and France. Many rediscovered the pleasures of Greece and Ireland last year with the number of room nights booked in both destinations increasing by a third. More Americans were attracted to Eastern Europe in 2013 with Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland all enjoying double digit increases.

For Canadian travel agents, the USA remains their clients’ most popular destination with their own country in third place behind Italy. After a 26% increase in 2012, the number of room nights booked in the UK rose a further 14%, putting the destination in fifth place, just behind France. It appears that Canadians are also eager to explore more far flung destinations. Like their American neighbors, more Canadians are visiting Greece – the number of room nights booked increased by 40% in 2013 – while Turkey and Hong Kong both enjoyed double digit increases.

Selling exclusively to travel agents, Travel Bound is a leading supplier of fully independent travel (FIT) to destinations around the world. Its unsurpassed inventory includes tens of thousands of hotels, apartments and villas, sightseeing tours, attractions and activities, plus hundreds of transfer options. Whether small family hotels or international chains, budget accommodation or luxury establishments, historic homes or contemporary boltholes; whether beachfront or mountain view, in city centers or remote locations around the world, Travel Bound offers products in virtually every category, to suit any budget.

A brand of GTA and part of Kuoni Global Travel Services, it benefits from a global network of offices staffed with expert product negotiators and coordination teams, ensuring agents receive competitive pricing and superior service. This strength of organization has resulted in Travel Bound’s reputation as one of the most respected tour operators in North America. In April, it and GTA were recognized by U.S. Travel and Brand USA for its continuing excellence in promoting travel to the United States and for the sheer amount of business it sends to US shores.

Full terms and conditions of the Spring Ka-ching agent incentive can be found at http://booktravelbound.net/SpringKaching/terms.php