25 October 2017

GTA Strategic Partnership Program in Dubai delivers 28% revenue growth 

The Strategic Partnership Program Dubai will continue for a fourth year in 2018

GTA recently held their third annual SPP Dubai event – this time held at RockOn! part the Bollywood Park at Dubai Parks and Resorts.

“This is the third year of the Strategic Partnership Program (SPP) in Dubai, and we are pleased to be on track to deliver our promise to outperform the market with our SPP hotels,” said Andrew Hughes – VP Sourcing APMEA at GTA, who flew in from Singapore to attend the event.

Dubai as an overall destination continues to deliver strong growth for GTA in 2017 with the SPP Dubai properties performing in excess of 30% YoY revenue growth which is ahead of market performance.

One of the most pleasing aspects of the SPP in 2017 is how GTA is driving growth in key markets in Asia such as China from group travel to FIT. “By partnering with clients such as Fliggy.com, the travel platform of Ali Travel, as well as our strong retail travel agency distribution, our growth, particularly in 5 star is incredibly positive”, explains Hughes. China is now the fifth top source market for GTA into Dubai growing at over 200% YoY.

As part of the strategy the SPP Dubai hotels are at the forefront on the variety of sales, marketing and technological initiatives that we have undertaken by GTA in 2017 and will continue in 2018.

During the event, all SPP hotels enjoyed updates from key GTA sales figures from the Asia Pacific and Middle Eastern region outlining the various opportunities that exist and some tips on how they can capitalize on driving business into Dubai from these source markets.

“We will continue to work in growing awareness of Dubai as a destination”, outlines Silvia Ramenzoni, Head of Sourcing MEATI at GTA. “It’s important that we continue to drive more market to Dubai as a destination from these key corridors.”

The SPP will continue for a fourth year in Dubai, along with our partnership programs in key destinations of Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and Japan.


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